zsófia Kiss Gy. & andrás Szőllősi

Tango y Alma & Budakeszi Rathauskeller

– Andris, then I write about ourselves and our dance that we have been tangoing together for 10 years, but you have been with Andrea Götz for 20 years at TangoYAlma, and before that I have been practicing ballet and we have been teaching together for five years and we have created couple of choreography which is tango and not tango in the same time...
– Good! Will you write down that we LOVE to dance?
– Sure. :)

Budakeszi rathuskeller

Opened in 2015, Rathauskeller has become an indispensable scene in the cultural life of Budakeszi and since then.
Zsófi and András offer Argentine tango dance classes on Fridays at beginner and advanced levels.


Adress : Budakeszi, Fő u. 177, 2092
Facebook: Budakeszi Rathauskeller
Web: Budakeszi Rathauskeller

Tango Y alma