Andrea Serban – Tango Dj

Music is very important in my life. Since my mother is a piano teacher, I have been able to hear classical music many times already in my childhood. That’s one of the reasons why I choose every tanda ver carefully to be able to enjoy as a dancer as well as a dj.


Balazs Gyenis – Tango Dj

Balázs Gyenis tango dj, has played over 100 sets in marathons,
festivals, and encuentros, and many more in regular milongas. His name
is associated with the world’s most popular tango radio, flash mob,
and podcast, and he is the creator of the world’s first live virtual
video milonga.

Although currently based in London, he is the organizer and host of
the Thursday Milonga Jueves which in the summer is in the Buda Castle.


Endre Szeghalmi – Tango Dj

I’m in love with tango music, as a dj and as a dancer.

I’ve been to Buenos Aires several times, the second time I spent more than 7 months there. During that time I attended many different type of tango evenings, and paid good attention to what factors make for a great dance event. Moving from tanda to tanda, I choose my music carefully according to time period, orchestra and atmosphere.

Lucas Molina Gazcon

Lucas Molina Gazcon – Tango Dj

Lucas is was one of the organizers of the El Yeite afterparty milonga in Buenos Aires. Therefore he clearly understands what kind of music needs a good milonga and he proves it regularly when he plays at the milongas in Budapest