Agnes Porvai – Tango Dj

Porvai Ági - Tangó Dj

agnes porvai

tango dj


Shortly after I met tango , I became passionate, and since then it has been like air to me. Sometimes I have a hard time taking it, but I can’t live without it. Of course, tango does not exist without music. For me, tango music is the most wonderful music in the world.

I choose my tandas as a dancer, and II strive for a balance between styles, orchestras, eras. I am a fan of classic tango, but sometimes I do a nuevo or alternative tanda.

tangó dj-ági

My greatest joy is when I see the dancers happily going home from the milonga where they embrace and dance to the music I composed.

I love to dj, I play regularly at home milongas, but I’ve also play in  tango camps,  festivals or marathons.

“The most true manifestation of a person is his/her dance and music … bodies never lie.”

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