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Antona Nagykaldi

Antonia Nagykaldi

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Antónia Nagykáldi is the resident DJ of Milonga Sin Palabras in Budapest and a regular DJ of tango festivals, marathons, encuentros and milongas around Europe.

“What I love most of all in tango: harmony with my partner, expressing the style and fine details of the music and playing. As a tango DJ from the beginning (2008) I always aim to interpret these values, because for me dancing and DJ’ing are connected closely. I choose pieces for my tandas mostly from Golden Age and some of Guardia Vieja and Post Golden Age period, too. I compile the music to keep the energy up, as well as the flow on the dance floor. I never forget about my most important way of choosing music: it must be danceable and besides this: interesting enough to keep people dancing.”

Budapest: Danubiando Festival, Amor en Budapest Tango Marathon, Primavera Budapest Tango Martahon, Noches de Hungria Tango Marathon, Royal Budapest Tango Marathon
Other cities and events in Europe: Prague Tango Marathon, Namur (Belgium, La Cita de los Amigos Tango Marathon), Nerja, (Spain, Sol de Invierno International Tango Meeting) 2 times, Roma (S.P.Q.R. Tango Marathon, Stuttgart/Monschau (Balloon Tango Marathon) 5 times, Riga (Castillo Tango Marathon), Warsawa (El Fuego Tango Marathon), Torun (Tangothic Tango Marathon), Conil Tango Festival (Spain), 2 times in Marbella (Apilate que Largamos Tango Maraton), Workshop Milonga Sevilla Festival, München (Tango Biathlon and other milongas), Malmö (Festivalito), milongas in Madrid, Granada, Sevilla, Málaga, Marbella, Fuengirola, Amsterdam, Paris, Halle, Linz, Berlin, Upper Austria (Milonga del Campo), and many times in Vienna.